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Speculation or investment

Choosing a classic investment option, the investor spends the minimum amount of his time. While speculative activity involves significant temporary infusions: constant monitoring, monitoring and adjustment of portfolio management.

Forex Expert Advisor

Automatic advisors are paid or free of charge, and from an enormous variety of ATS options it is possible to find an efficient and working variant that will bring the desired result to the trader.


Do not forget that slippage, first, characterizes the reality of the market: orders are issued to the interbank market

Moving Averages

For many potential market participants and web users, forex trading is a profitable occupation: the method by which you can work and receive a stable income.

Forex Scalping Strategy

By themselves scalp tactics of the market are quite profitable: with the right approach, they provide the trader with the opportunity to work out dozens of transactions, while the position is never held open for more than a few minutes.

Martingale Method

The main essence of the technique is to start trading with the lowest lot rate, and if it fails, the trader should increase the amount of the bet, so that he can cover the losses and make a profit.

Trading strategies

There are a number of trading strategies that make it possible not to use indicators, and instead they successfully implement the method on the basis of:

- graphical analysis;

- applying quotes and wave analysis.

Ways to earn forex

Among the most popular methods of earning on Forex from scratch (without the investment of money), and the presence of an impressive start-up capital, we can distinguish the following:

1) the partnership program;

2) posting posts on forex forums;

3) use of the deposit bonus;

4) use of a no deposit bonus;

5) participation in forex contests;

6) obtaining a deposit in managemen

Trade on the news

The main advantage of forex trading on the news is that for the trader (with the right approach) is easy enough to get fast money, while the risks are very low.

Teaching methods

Независимо от того или иного варианта, любой новичок трейдер должен понимать, что теория без практики сыра, а также эффективная практика невозможны без сильная теоретическая база.


Trading Analytics

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