This tutorial will briefly describe the function of the charge sidebar.
As you might have noticed, when you click on the flag button on the chart toolbar, in order to show positions, orders or price alerts, a side bar is automatically opened in the left side of the chart.
The purpose of the sidebar is to display items you have selected to display in the chart which are currently located outside of the chart View. To demonstrate, watch the magenta entry order marker at the top of the chart window. As I drag the chart upward, the triangle disappears from the chart view, but immediately appears in the sidebar on the left. When I drag the chart back down the triangle reappears in the chart window and disappeared in the sidebar.
This time I will adjust the vertical scale of the chart by clicking and dragging the vertical scale. Watch as the triangles disappear off the top and bottom of the window and appear in the sidebar. The black divider between the triangles in the sidebar indicates the items position relative to the current chart view. The items above the divider are above the chart, those below the divider are below the chart
Triangles inside the sidebar cannot be dragged, but they're right-click menu is still available. This means, that you can, for example, close a position that you cannot currently see inside the chart window by right-clicking on it in the sidebar. 
If you choose not to display positions, orders and price alerts the sidebar will automatically disappear from the chart window
This could include the tutorial on the charts sidebar.