If you have several open positions in multiple pending orders your chart when they may become crowded with the line and triangle markers.
You have several options to make the situation more manageable. First, you don't have to display all these items at once. If you click the flag button on the toolbar you'll notice that it is possible to select the different categories of markers, positions, orders and price alerts
Another useful function is the ability to double click on the triangle markers. Double clicking on a position, order or price alert in the chart window will cause that items record to become highlighted and it's relevant window. For example, notice that I have the orders window open underneath the chart. If you double click on a order triangle that orders record will become highlighted in the orders window, allowing you to view more detailed ordering information.
The same goes for open positions. Notice that I have inserted the open positions window into a single tabbed window with the orders window. When you double-click on a position marker on the chart that positions record will become highlighted in the open positions window
In addition, as was demonstrated in tutorial on creating stop and limit orders on open positions, double clicking your parent position what causes child stop and limit orders to blink several times.
Likewise, double-clicking one of the child orders will cause a parent position to blink several times.
This concludes tutorial on managing multiple orders and positions in the chart window.