This tutorial will discuss how to create, modify and remove entry orders from a Chart window.
First make sure you have selected Show Open positions and Show Orders located in the flag icon of the charts toolbar.  To place an Entry Order right click on the chart add a desired rate for your order. Notice the Entry order Buy and Entry order Sell options. The order rate you see here depends on where you click on the chart. Don’t worry if the rate isn’t exactly where you want it – we can find them in the next step.
Click on Entry order Buy or Entry order Sell. An Entry order dialog box will open, where you can modify the order parameters. The order will be a Entry Stop or Entry limit depending on the selected rate and order direction. In the Entry order dialog box enter the order amount and find the order rate to the exact price you need. Click OK to place the entry order.
The newly created entry order will appear at a chart as a green line with a triangle marker. You can also see this entry order in your orders window.
The moment the entry order was opened is marked by a point on the line – the line to the right of the point is solid, the line to the left of the point is dotted. The Upward triangle represents a Buy entry order, the Downward triangle represents the Sell entry order. The number inside triangle represents the number of lots in the entry order. You can drag the triangle along the line for easy viewing.
Mouse over the triangle to view more detailed information on the entry order.
To Modify an entry order right click on the triangle and select Modify Order. In the dialog box you can change the rate and amount of the order. Click OK to confirm the changes. Another way to quickly change the entry order rate is to drag the entry order triangle up or down to a new rate. In order to drag the triangle up or down hold down the control or shift key on your keyboard and click and drag the triangle vertically. When you release the triangle at a new rate the Modify order dialog box will appear. Click OK to confirm the changes.
To Remove an order right click on the triangle an select Remove order. Click OK on the confirmation to complete the process. 
You can see that the order has being removed from both the chart and orders window