This tutorial will discuss how to make trade from the charts window.
First, make sure you have selected Show Open positions and Show orders located in the flag icon of the charts toolbar. To place a trade right click on the body of the chart and select the Buy or Sell option. The rate shown in this menu is the current market rate. Once you have selected Buy or Sell a New position dialog box will open where you can modify the size of the trade. Click OK to open the position.
The New position is marked on the chart as a green line with a triangle. This position can also be seen in the open positions window. The position line marks the rate of which the position was opened. The shaded areas represents the current spread. The moment the position was opened is represented by a point - the line to the right is solid, the line to the left is dotted.
An Upward triangle represents a Buy position and Downward triangle represents a Sell position. The number inside the triangle represents the number of lots - a red border represents a negative profit and loss, a green border represents a positive profit and loss. You can drag the position triangle along the line for easier viewing. 
Mouse over the triangle to get detailed information about the position. To Close the position right click on the triangle and select Close position. The closed position dialog box will appear. Click ok to close the position. You can also see the Position have now disappeared from the Open Position window.