Charts and chart templates can be saved to the server and later use and loaded any time, even from another computer. When you save a specific chart you save an instrument and interval as well as all graphical objects, chart savings and indicators applied to the chart.

The chart template is more general. When you save a chart template you save the chart settings along with any indicators. You can later apply this template to other charts. To save a chart right click on the chart and select Save Current Chart. Or just click the Save Chart button on the Chart toolbar. Enter a name for your chart and click OK to save the chart

To access your saved charts go to the Charts tab on the FX voyager toolbar and click the Saved Charts Icon. Here you can open the chart or you can rename or delete an existing chart. To save a chart template the right click on the chart and select save current as template. Enter a name for your template and click ok to save the template. Remember, the template includes the chart colors and other settings as well as any indicators that are applied to the Chart. Let's apply the template we just save to another chart. To apply a saved template right click on the chart and select Apply template. Or just click the apply template button on the chart toolbar. Click the name of the saved template to apply to the chart. The chart colors and indicators would change according to the template.
You can also apply a template when opening a new chart. In the chart’s tab of FX Voyager Click New chart. In addition to the instrument and time scale you will have the option to open the chart with one of your saved templates already applied.
Manager save templates by going to the Chart tab of FX Voyager and clicking on the template icon. Here you can rename or delete your saved templates.
This concludes the tutorial on saving charge and short tamplates.