FX apps is a unique feature available exclusively in ActTrader.

Using FX apps you can download popular and customized strategies, indicators and additional news feeds and plugins, as well as watch our video tutorials.

Open FX apps from the Home tab or the FX apps tab from the FX voyager.
You can browse any content available for download without signing in. To download content you need to sign in to FX apps. Click on Sign in/Registration in the upper right corner. Here you can sign in with an existing FX apps account or register a new account. Alternatively, you can bypass the registration process by signing in to FX apps with one of your social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Registration is free and easy – click Sign In now, complete the short form and accept the Terms and conditions as well as Privacy Statement and click Save. Once signed in you are ready to download the apps, most of which are free and some are available for a small fee.
Apps are grouped into categories: Strategies, which are further grouped into subcategories, Indicators, grouped into subcategories, News feeds, Plugins, which include a subscription to an Auto chartist, Paid applications, consisting of all paid content from all categories combined.
This include the plugins and services subcategory, where you can find the order the strategy service, a unique opportunity that allows you to order a custom strategy that we will create for you. Pricing for this service varies and is based on the complexity of the strategy.
Video tutorials – a collection of educational videos for ActTrader.
View apps details by clicking the apps name. Note, that the description can be translated to other languages, using Google Translate.
Search the specific apps using the Search field.
View the latest apps added to FX apps in the news section.
Apps, you have been recently viewed can be found here.
To download the app, click its correspondent price or the Free button for free apps.
Free apps will download instantly and install automatically.
For paid app you have an option to check out with PayPal or using Google Checkout. Click Submit order to proceed. Enter your payment method and click Pay to purchase and  instantly download the app.
To view your downloaded indicators and strategy apps go to the FX apps tab of the FX Voyager and click Indicators and Strategies. Your downloaded apps will appear in the My apps section. You can test your downloaded strategies by clicking on the Test strategies icon. A new window will open, where you can start testing the strategy. You can stop and start the test as many times as you wish, as well as modify the testing parameters to your specific needs. 
To run the strategy click on the Run strategy icon. Review the Terms and Conditions and click I agree to proceed. The strategy will open in a new dedicated window.
To start the strategy click on Start strategy. The strategy will now run automatically so long as ActTrader is opened. Note that the parameters of the strategy can be modified to your preferences.
The strategy will stop running when reaches its completion.
You can also stop the strategy at any time by clicking the Stop strategy or closing the window.
To use your downloaded indicators click on the Apply indicator icon. You can apply the indicator to open charts or a new chart. Select the chart you need and click OK. The new chart will open with an indicator applied to it.
Subscription apps will have a Subscribe button. They might also have an option for a free trial.
New subscriptions will be automatically added to the News monitor window. Manage your subscriptions by right clicking on the news window. Select Preferences and click Settings. Select the news topics you wish to follow and click OK.
You can edit your FX apps profile by clicking on the Profile button. Make the necessary changes and click Save. 
To view a list of the paid apps you have purchased click on List of purchased apps. View messages that you have received by clicking on Messages.
Need to ask us a question – click on Contact us. Fill in the question form and click Send.
This concludes the tutorial on FX apps.