Instruments subscription is a very useful feature because it allows you to see only the instruments that you want to trade.

You may have access to hundreds of instruments, but chances are you want to trade in handful. The ability to Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from various instruments means that you will be able to configure your workspace the way you want, without being clouded by instruments you are not interested in.
To Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from an instrument open the Instrument Catalog. The Instrument Catalog is found under the Home tab on the FX voyager toolbar. In the Instrument Catalog you will see the list of all instruments, available to you, grouped into folders. Click the arrow next to a folder to expand it and view its content. Instruments, to which you are subscribed to are marked by a larger icon. Instruments, to which you are not subscribed to are marked by a smaller icon.
The different colored icons correspond to different instrument types – FOREX, CFDs and so on. Sort a list of Instruments alphabetically by clicking the Sort button. Click again to default order.
Search for an Instrument or a Folder by entering the first few letters of its name into the Search field. Hit Enter or green up and down arrows to scroll through search results. To Subscribe to an instrument select an instrument and click Subscribe. Select multiple instruments to subscribe to all of them at once. In addition select a folder of instruments to subscribe to all of the instruments in that folder. The newly subscribed instrument will be automatically added to the dealing rates window, dealing rates table and instruments window. Additionally the instrument will now be available in Chart menus. The quickest way to unsubscribe from a single instrument is the right click on the instrument in the dealing rates window and select unsubscribe instrument.
You can also unsubscribe from an instrument in the Instrument Catalog. Simply select the instrument and click Unsubscribe. The instrument will now disappear from the previously mentioned windows and will not be available in charts. Select multiple instruments or entire folders to unsubscribe from all of them at once.
Please note, that you will be not able to unsubscribe from Instruments, that have open positions or pending orders until these positions and orders are removed. When you unsubscribe from an instrument you will no longer receive the price fit for that instrument.
Remember, you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from an instrument at any time, giving you full freedom to customize your workspace to your trading style.
This concludes the tutorial an instrument subscription.