In addition to Price Alerts you can set Trend line Alerts on a chart. This kind of Alert is triggered when the chart process the trend line.
First, draw a trend line on your chart. Right-click on the line and select Set alert and penetration. In the dialog choose whether you want the alert to be triggered when the line is crossed from below, from above or from either direction. You can also select a trigger to alert as soon as the line is crossed or when the crossing candles closed. Click OK to set the Alert.
The alert you just set can be viewed and edited in the Price Alerts Window.
The window shows regulars in the top and chart alerts in the bottom.
You can Edit or Remove a chart alert by right-clicking it in the price alerts window
You can also quickly find the chart in which you set the alert. Right click on the Alert and select Go to Chart. The chart with the alert will open.
When the chart crosses the trend line you will receive a pop-up notification.
This concludes the tutorial on trend line alerts.