This tutorial will give an overview of some ways you can copy, paste and link chart objects and indicators in ActTrader.
Manually plotted chart objects, such as trend lines, can be copied from one chart and paste into another chart so long, as the two charts are for the same instrument.
Here we have two Euro USD charts – a 4-hour chart and a 1-hour chart. Let’s copy this trend line from one chart to the other. Right click on the line and select Copy object press CTRL+C on the keyboard. Then right click on the other chart and press Paste Objects or press CTRL+V on the keyboard. The trend line will be plotted on the chart with the same coordinates, as the first line. The line style and color settings are also copied. Remember, this will only work if the two charts have the same instrument and if the coordinates of the copied line are shown in the second chart.
You can copy multiple objects by holding down the CTRL key while selecting the objects. Then, right click on the body of the chart, and select Copy Selected Objects or a CTRL+C . In the other chart right click and select Paste Objects or hit CTRL+V. 
Indicators can be copied and pasted into any chart, regardless of instrument or timescale. Click on an Indicator to select it. When you copy an indicator you’re coping its period and color settings. The indicator then is calculated for whatever chart you’ve paste it on. You can select and copy multiple indicators or even select indicators and manually plot the objects together. Just remember, that trend lines and other manually drawn objects can only be pasted into the chart with the same instrument. 
If you link an object then this object will appear in all current and future charts of the same instrument. Furthermore, a change of the object in any one chart will be applied to the object in every other chart. Let’s demonstrate with a simple trend line. Right click on the line and select Link object. This trend line will now appear in all your USD charts. The lines are now linked and can be considered to be the same line. Any changes, made for the line in one of the charts, will be reflected in all the other charts. In any chart you can choose to Show or Hide linked objects by clicking the Show Linked Objects button in the chart tool bar.
To break the link between objects, right click on the line and select Remove links. This will remove the line from every other chart, except the one, you’re currently in. 
Technical indicators can also be linked across charts.
Unlike trend lines and other manually drawn objects, indicators can be linked across charts of any instrument. I’ll select this Bollinger Bands Indicator and click Link Selected Objects. This indicator is now linked across all charts, regardless of instrument.
As the trend lines I can Show or Hide linked indicators and individual charts or I can remove the link completely. 
This completes this overview of Copy and Link functionality in charts. For more detailed description consult  the ActTrader manual.