From the Windows tab you can:
1. Open or switch to different application windows
2. Auto-arrange the windows on the screen
3. Manage Workspaces
4. Quickly locate any open window in the application
Open or Switch to Different Application Windows
To open a window click the window button – The window will open in the current workspace
If the window is already opened, clicking the button switches focus to that window.
The instruments window is already open in the Detailed info workspace.
Workspace is opened
Focus is set to the instruments window
Clicking a window name multiple times will not open multiple windows.
To close a window, click on the X.
Auto-arrange the windows on the screen.
Manage Workspaces
Open a New Workspace – Name the new workspace – Click OK – New Workspace is Opened
Rename the Active Workspace – Edit the workspace name – Click OK – New Name – Close the Active Workspace – Click OK – Workspace is Closed
Quickly locate any open window using the Application Map
List of Workspaces – list of open windows in the workspace – the Summary window is open to the Detailed info Workspace.