This tutorial will go over the different chart buttons and functions of the chart toolbar.
On the left of a tool bar you will find the Instrument and Time Interval pull-down menus. These menus allow you to quickly change the chart instrument and time display. The chart will refresh as soon as one of these settings is changed.
The three zoom buttons allow you to zoom in, zoom out or reset the default zoom.
This is the vertical auto scale button. When vertical auto scale is activated, vertical scale of the chart will automatically adjust, in order to fit all vertical data when you scroll or zoom the chart. This feature is described in greater details in The tutorial and manipulating the chart view. 
The crosshair button activates the crosshair tool. Click Show Crosshair to place a cross anywhere you move your cursor. Click Measure Crosshair to measure the distance between two points on the chart by clicking and dragging. 
The FX button opens the Indicator Set-up Menu, where you can select what indicators to apply to the chart and Edit indicator settings.
The Apply Template button opens a list of saved chart templates, that can be applied to the chart. See The tutorial on saving charts and chart templates for more information on this feature.
The Printer button allows you to print out the current chart.
The Save button saves and exports the chart data as a table in the file format of your choice, such as an Excel spreadsheet or HTML file.
The Table button opens a new window with the chart data in the form of a table.
The Save button saves the chart. To find more about this feature, see The tutorial on saving charts and chart templates.
The Draw button opens a list of available draw tools, including trend lines and a Fibonacci tool. It also contains commands for working with these manually plotted objects.
The Show Linked Objects button toggles and displays of any linked objects in the chart. For a full explanations of the objects linking please see The tutorial on copying, pasting and linking chart objects.
The Remove button removes the currently selected object from the chart or removes all objects from the chart
The Show/Hide buttons allows you to show or hide order’s positions and price alerts on the chart.
The Chart Settings button opens the chart settings dialog, where you can change chart colors and other options.
The Chart Type button is a pull-down menu, allowing you to select the chart type - Candlestick bar or line.
This concludes the overview of the chart tool bar.