Trade with a single click is a very popular feature, which allows traders to quickly open and close positions. Missing dialogs and messages of confirmation, forex traders can open and close positions with just one click. This can be particularly beneficial for traders when the market is active. Most often this is used by scalpers.

What would you need to Enable Trade in a single click in the basic settings Tap V in front of Trade in a single click. Then, in quotes window the field order will appear with volume slider under each button Bid and Ask, which allows you to change the volume of the position quickly, so you can enter the desired number with the keypad. To open a position, simply click Bid or Ask. The new position will be opened immediately, skipping all confirmation and dialog boxes. To close a position, simply click the close price in the Open Positions window. The position closes immediately, missing all confirmations and dialogs that can be successfully used by the trader to fix the open position profit on an active market.

You can change the quotes window if you click on it, right-click here to go to Options, and then Settings. Here you can add or remove tools from the quotes window, simply select the tool and click the left or right arrow. To change the order of tools, click the Up or Down arrow. Click OK to save the changes.

You can also change the order of the tools by clicking and dragging the tool to a new location. In addition, you can create a separate window for each quotation tool by clicking the right mouse button and selecting an individual price window.

The amount for each instrument is regulated separately. You can also set the default volume for all instruments through the accounts window.
In the window tab on the toolbar, click the icon Accounts. The default number is displayed in the PL column, click the number in the column to change it. The default volume can be set in lots or percentage of available funds.

Remember that when you use one-click trading accidental operation may lead to an undesirable position. Therefore, be careful when using this feature.
To disable one-click option, click Settings in the upper left corner of ActTtrader, deselect the item V - trade with a single click, and then click OK.

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 The video will be useful for beginners who want to use currency pairs in the Forex market, stock market shares and contracts for difference CFD, when trading gold, silver and other precious metals, with speculation on the Oil and Gas market and other futures contracts, and also in transactions in the Binary options.