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Stanley Druckenmiller's Long Term Trading Success Tips

Who's Stanley Druckenmiller? Stanley Druckenmiller is an American dealer and investor whose name is relatively reputed in the fiscal world.

Using a trading tactic called «Elephant and Pug»

The strategy with a rather humorous name "Elephant and Pug" is aimed at those who do not have enough time and opportunity to sit at the computer screen every second and monitor market charts, analyzing them in detail.

Method for determining correction

To correctly determine the correction in the forex market, you need to know the reasons for its occurrence.

Automation trading: reasons and implementation procedure

In modern trading, trading strategies that can be «programmed» by transforming them into program code are gaining momentum more and more.

Expert Advisors on Forex

    A characteristic weakness of such a group of experts is flat - the state of the exchange when the price starts to cling to both purchased orders above and below the price.

OSMA indicator

Practical experience shows that modern developments of oscillators act as determinants: they point us to a divergence.

Renko charts

If you look at and analyze any trading chart, then using the Renko charts you can once again (on the next or the hundredth) confirm that the Pareto rule really works.

Choosing a strategy

Having tried a variety of binary options strategy, sooner or later, you will find yours.


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