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What is forex trading and can you become a forex trader?

So how can you learn to trade and how can you get the experience?

Financial crises

The Dodd-frank was the actions taken by the regulatory system, to put restrictions on some of the actions that the financial institutions can take, to prevent the crisis from happening again.

Horizontal option spread

In the course of managing this strategy, a certain economic model is formed - a concept that allows us to calculate the bank's profitability based on the formed value, as well as in the case of lending to its capital.

Alexander Gerchik: The story of a successful trader

Most of the stories about successful traders in the foreign exchange markets mostly serve as a source of inspiration for beginners, they motivate novice traders and open new doors for them, wide horizons of financial markets. Today we will learn (and discover) an interesting history and biographical data of a modern legend - an NYSE participant, the famous Alexander Gerchik. His example of life and…

Execution of orders: Instant and Market Execution

Unambiguously, when choosing an intermediary, you should pay attention to the implementation of the execution of orders

Forex discipline concept

Having discovered a rather interesting trend for themselves, many players instantly and unjustifiably decide to buy.


To calculate the level of volatility of the sector, we use, in calculations, the exponentially weighted moving average-EWMA.

Graphs of the Range Bar

The developer of the Range Bar corrected the system of creating candles. If in a classical, traditional model they are created in time (for example, for 5 minutes or the hour: after the price passes a fixed time interval, a new candle is formed), then in the updated solution, the candle is created through a spread of prices.

Take Profit order

Do not despair, if you lose money, you can also easily earn them again


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