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The trading journey of the best trader Jesse Livermore

This article is about a market participant who made his fortune by controlling his emotions and knowing how the markets work. During his trading career, he was able to acquire many luxurious items such as limousines, yachts and several mansions, but due to depression, he committed suicide.

Historical events in the foreign exchange market

The new agreement ruled out the possibility of converting Gold to dollars, but retained the fixing of rates between currencies.

The impact of fiscal policy on spending and taxes in the economy

When employment is high and inflation is high, fiscal policy can be cut or tightened by cutting government spending or raising taxes.

Influence of geopolitical and political factors on the forex market

In previous months, we have seen some Russian hostility towards Ukraine. This hostile environment has been there before, it has only intensified and become too serious. The root of the conflict is Ukraine's desire to remain a free and democratic country.

Globalization and its impact on the world of trade

Thus, the offshoring of expertise was transferred to the poorer countries that were closer, except for commodity-producing countries. The population of the world is constantly increasing, and with it, the demand for goods is growing. Realizing this, the G7 countries were more attracted to countries rich in commodities.

Monetary policy

Money allowed people to buy and sell goods that had a money price. It is very beneficial for a country's currency to have physical characteristics, which makes it difficult to counterfeit, which will certainly contribute to the effectiveness of monetary policy.

Colm O'Shea is the best hedge fund trader

When he makes a guess about where the market is going, and if suddenly the market starts to move against his forecast, then this proves that he was wrong, and he will not hesitate to close his position.

Getting to Know the Creator of the Bollinger Bands Indicator

Shortly thereafter, John Bollinger created the investment company Bollinger Capital Management. There he worked as a chief fiscal critic and also as an inquiry specialist.

Advantages and disadvantages of the financial system

Financial institutions are posting record growth, while credit to businesses and households has declined. After the crisis, one would expect regulators to introduce rules limiting the amount of risky trading that takes place in the shadow banking system

What is oil trading for today

OPEC companies are not trusted because they are believed to be manipulating oil prices to meet their needs.


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