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Oil: Forex Trading and Its Highlights

a trader who chooses to trade in oil is obliged to find out the Brent rate on Forex to control and monitor market sentiment.

Binary options for beginners

The most decisive and important part of binary trading is getting the direction of the traded instrument right.

Forex beginners

Trading Forex is not about making money all the time but losing less when you lose.

Positive aspects of CFD trading

The highest level of popularity among traders is enjoyed by precisely those contracts that involve working with securities - stocks.

Domino effect in the foreign exchange market

Reflecting on the topic of chain reactions of the market and the domino effect that is present on the stock exchange, any player asks the question - what are the reasons for such a discrepancy, if the main postulate of technical analysis tells us that the price already takes into account everything?

Pipsing Assistant - Piplaser Advisor

Among the main points, one can name a complete denial of the use of any kind of Martingale.

Forex Market Benefits: Top Reasons To Make A Fortune Here

Thanks to a micro account (1 dollar account), you can open positions for 1000 units, and a lot for 1000 currency units is identical to one contract on a micro account.

Drawdown as one of the Forex trading strategies

The practical experience of many forex experts proves that drawdowns are simply inevitable.

Alexander Gerchik: The story of a successful trader

Most of the stories about successful traders in the foreign exchange markets mostly serve as a source of inspiration for beginners, they motivate novice traders and open new doors for them, wide horizons of financial markets. Today we will learn (and discover) an interesting history and biographical data of a modern legend - an NYSE participant, the famous Alexander Gerchik. His example of life and…

Money management and the degree of its importance

do not ignore the principles of money management - learn to save your money and minimize financial losses


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