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The technical indicator RSI

Technical indicators help traders correctly determine the direction of price movement for making profitable trades

Trends in the Flat market

In the period of lateral movement it is recommended that traders refrain from making transactions

Feel yourself to be an investor

At the moment, funds are attractive: it is a high-quality investment product, where the profit potential is really wide.

Typical Forex features

A correct approach to analysis gives us an advantage and allows us to correctly compile future forecasts of price behavior by market participants.

Types of charts on Forex

Player actively and widely applies graphics as a means for conducting technical analysis of the market, for forecasting and making correct trading decisions.

Characteristics of night trading on Forex

The main features of night trading on Forex:

1) Free time! This mode is perfectly appealing to those who combine trading with the main occupation (work), playing at night. You can also schedule your own schedule: work on forex takes place at night.

2) Despite the fact that this is night, the efficiency of the trading process is increasing. And noticeable. The reason is that the player does not have external distractions, no irritants or interference.

Profit and income on the forex market

Trade within one day it can bring about 10-20% monthly. This option is popular with both beginners and market professionals. This is a good stable profit, while the risks are not too high.

How to make forex training effective?

Do not be naive to believe that the huge amount of money you spend on super courses will turn you into a millionaire trader, a market genius and a professional.

Success includes not only the knowledge gained, but also their correct application. And this means, you can not do without practice. Practical training is above all.

Andrews pitch and trade using these market instruments

Andrews' pitchfork is used to build the main price channel on the trend market, and also to divide it into two parts. The lines that are created on the basis of pitchforks demonstrate nothing less than support and resistance, showing the degree of probability that the price will depart from the line and go beyond the price corridor.

How to work with dangerous advisers

Manual trading takes too much valuable time trader, makes you experience stressful situations and is constantly at the computer screen, controlling the situation.

Therefore, more and more traders prefer automatic trading and working with trading advisers.


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