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Press conference of the president

Before the election, D. Trump promised to increase spending on infrastructure and thus reduce taxes. So mainly the questions to the President will concern how he is going to fulfill his promises without increasing the budget deficit.

World's stock indices

When doing trading, especially speculative, transactions on the stock exchanges you always take into account hedging (insurance) risks, associated with the circulation of securities and the extent of the recession in time / price increases, the solidity of their reasons.

Trading Signals

You have to understand that when you are using the trading signals, the trader takes the risk, so you should analyze the market more sparingly

Learning trading on a demo account

Trading fairly is a complicated thing; it requires knowledge and, first of all, practice.

How can quickly make a profit?

Less than 25 percent of all traders have a constant profit for a long time. And yet there are such traders whose profit is more than a million dollars annually.

Take Profit order

Do not despair, if you lose money, you can also easily earn them again

Currency risk

Hedging allows the company not to depend on the sharp fluctuations in exchange rates, which allows you to plan your activities, assign fair prices for your goods, forecast profits and look with confidence in tomorrow.

Speculation or investment

Choosing a classic investment option, the investor spends the minimum amount of his time. While speculative activity involves significant temporary infusions: constant monitoring, monitoring and adjustment of portfolio management.

Forex Expert Advisor

Automatic advisors are paid or free of charge, and from an enormous variety of ATS options it is possible to find an efficient and working variant that will bring the desired result to the trader.


Do not forget that slippage, first, characterizes the reality of the market: orders are issued to the interbank market


Trading Analytics

Be one step ahead of the market

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