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A strategy piping allows the trader to make good money from one operation, you can get from 10 to 100 dollars unless of course to use the right approach.

Forex multiplier

Using all his knowledge, experience and being responsible, the stock trader enters the transaction with his funds, which means that he must necessarily take into account the main goals - income generation and risk management


Trading platform Metatrader4 (MT4) is a popular forex platform, which is deservedly considered one of the best technical solutions in the field of Internet trading.

Teaching methods

Regardless of this or that option, any novice trader should understand that theory without the practice of cheese, as well as effective practice, is impossible without a strong theoretical basis.

Trade on the news

The main advantage of forex trading on the news is that for the trader (with the right approach) is easy enough to get fast money, while the risks are very low.

Ways to earn forex

Among the most popular methods of earning on Forex from scratch (without the investment of money), and the presence of impressive start-up capital, we can distinguish the following:
1) the partnership program;
2) posting posts on forex forums;
3) use of the deposit bonus;
4) use of a no deposit bonus;
5) participation in forex contests;
6) obtaining a deposit in management

Trading strategies

There are a number of trading strategies that make it possible not to use indicators, and instead, they successfully implement the method on the basis of: - graphical analysis; - applying quotes and wave analysis.

Martingale Method

The main essence of the technique is to start trading with the lowest lot rate, and if it fails, the trader should increase the amount of the bet, so that he can cover the losses and make a profit.

Forex Scalping Strategy

By themselves scalp tactics of the market are quite profitable: with the right approach, they provide the trader with the opportunity to work out dozens of transactions, while the position is never held open for more than a few minutes.

Moving Averages

For many potential market participants and web users, forex trading is a profitable occupation: the method by which you can work and receive a stable income.


Trading Analytics

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