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All these aspects are integral to the formation of the trading process, along with drawing up a plan, we choose a trading strategy or market tactic to further establish an efficient and working system.

Strategies for analyzing the ratio

The positions of large traders affect the spurt, demonstrating it on the chart.

Exchange rates

Factors that provoke a fall in monetary units and (devaluation): - emission, which, in turn, is not backed by real economic needs or data. The issue can be either cash or non-cash.

Risk management

Any trader needs to be able to limit his risks, to do so in order to avoid large-scale and large losses in the trading process.

Breakdown of the level

Historical levels are those that can be determined by carrying out a technical analysis of the market, exploring past time intervals.

Secrets of success on Forex

Some of the newcomers are blinded, they are confident that to achieve the goal it is enough to open a trading account, install a terminal and quickly become successful, concluding a profitable deal.

Interest rates

The most powerful influence is exerted on rates of 10-year and 5-year securities, and the bond market itself is characterized by a high level of volatility.

Price channel

In order to build support lines, we take the minima that matter at our working interval, and then we combine them.

Interesting facts

But a stable green dollar colour appeared already in 1929. In addition to the cheapness of such green colours, the colour was stable and liked the inhabitants of the United States, causing good emotions.

Correlation of currencies

For a better understanding, you need to consider several tools, for example, currency pairs EUR / USD and AUD / USD.


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