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The bond markets

ETFs track the performance of an index and are better than Bond mutual funds because they are more liquid but more expensive.


A call option gives the buyer the right to purchase a stock at an agreed price before maturity.

Introduction to Forex

The transitioning of the world monetary system from the gold standard to the free-floating Forex markets was implemented without a glitch.

Environmental Social Governance

During the marketing and underwriting processes, they are partially targeting ESG investors

Jamie Daimon anti-cryptocurrency man

Jamie believes that governments and regulators can't allow the existence of a global currency-based system, like cryptocurrency.

Thomas Russo investment

In emerging markets there is population growth, there is consumer disposable income growth, GDP growth, and growth of infrastructure for distribution and those kinds of areas are welcoming to Thomas's investments

Abenomics and stock markets

The basic idea behind Abenomics is to get the economy out of deflation using the first arrow.

Pennant: trading rules based on the use of this pattern

The pennant pattern is usually traded on higher timeframes - from H1 and higher.

The Chinese economy and its development prospects

The danger of what is happening in Ukraine is that if the dividing line in the world becomes such that China and Russia are on one side, and America and NATO are on the other, this will create a geopolitical environment for China to become even more leftist than ever.

Stock investing

There are eleven sectors in the stock markets: energy, information technology, real estate, industry, and many others. As investors, we must understand the risks.


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