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Important events

This week will be important events influencing the fate of the USD

The participants of the Forex market

Significant volume of foreign exchange transactions accounted for the interbank market where transactions take place through electronic transfers. A large share of foreign currency trading accounted for by such banks.

Eurozone Bank Lending

The ECB also launched a program to buy some corporate bonds

What to grab on the Forex market

Often new traders simply wallow in unnecessary literature, believing that the more knowledge, the better they get to trade in the Forex market.

Binary options

Binary options are a type of earnings in the Internet on the trader predicting the rise or fall of an asset Gold, currency pairs, Oil, stocks, futures and so on.

PAMM account

In recent years all over the world trust management became popular. There is huge increase of opening PAMM accounts, many large hedge funds use such asset management scheme.

Simple tips

Only trade with the trend! Remember this and do not make mistakes again, like other traders who have already paid for this lesson.

Second Tip

Each person has his own edge, after which incorporate emotions are turned on and the brain is switched off.

Closing position

So don’t be greedy, if you analyzed the market situation, entered into a transaction and decided to take profit.

Trading strategy

You must choose the trading style that best suits you on the psychological parameters, objectives and time that you are willing to spend on speculative financial transactions


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