Cryptocurrency investment

  • Oct 27 2022
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Cryptocurrency investment

A guide to profitable cryptocurrency investment

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets powered by blockchain technology. Blockchain technology works as a register for recording transaction ledgers and also for creating new cryptocurrency tokens through a process called mining.

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile market making it a good investment for traders to make a profit in a short time. The basic factor behind cryptocurrency price movement is supply and demand, also market capitalization plays a big role in the volatility of cryptocurrency assets, and key economic events that may affect the financial market as a whole.

Cryptocurrency prices are mostly defined by the open market, so getting involved in these markets can be complex and challenging, this article highlights the steps to look into before getting started with any cryptocurrency investments.

A brokerage or cryptocurrency exchange account is required to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency brokerages work more like a stock or a forex brokerage, with the availability of leverage, traders can make a reasonable amount of profit even on small investment amounts. Registering with a reputable and trusted cryptocurrency trading brokerage is advisable, as there are lots of them to choose from. Cryptocurrency investments can also be made through cryptocurrency exchange platforms, by buying and selling assets to make a profit.

After signing up for a brokerage account next is to fund your account. Most brokerage allows their customers to fund their accounts directly from a bank account through wire transfer as well as debit cards, this is a cheap and straightforward method for transferring funds.

For beginners looking to invest in cryptocurrency, it is important to know what cryptocurrency asset to invest in. Investors need to choose among thousands of cryptocurrencies to invest in, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most traded crypto asset by investors due to their high volume, as well as they provide the most volatility for trading. Trading with a brokerage provides better trading opportunities, by trading cryptocurrency CFDs, or other derivatives, traders can trade long hoping the market will rise, or trade short hoping the market will drop. Cryptocurrency can as well be traded directly against other currencies, by buying at a lower price and selling back at a higher price to make a profit. This can be a good way to grow one's portfolio if executed the right way, trading this way requires some research and accurately timing the market to avoid losing money over time.

To be a profitable and consistent cryptocurrency trader it is expected to have a trading strategy, you can choose from varieties of trading indicators available to trade with. You may also consider trading using automated trading bots, where trades are placed and closed automatically by programmed computer software bots. This is suitable for short-term investors looking to eliminate stress and emotions from their trading. Traders need to decide if they want to trade long-term or short-term, long term traders hold trades for weeks or months, while short-term traders only hold trades intraday or for a few days, profiting from short-term market fluctuations.

To decide what direction to trade, traders may trade sentimentally or by a means of analyzing the market either technically or fundamentally. Fundamental cryptocurrency analysis involves analyzing the integrity of a project, transaction volume, liquidity, asset development, and distribution plans. Technical market analysis involves analyzing earlier price data by reading price charts and keeping track of market behaviours. Technical analysis is essential to understanding market structures and prices of high supply or demand in the market. investors should also be aware of market structural cycles, the accumulation, markup, distribution, and decline phases of price movement. These movements are mostly influenced by market makers, individuals, or organizations with access to large funds. A good technical analysis should help in anticipating and trading in the market makers' direction.

One of the best cryptocurrency technical trading strategies is trading supply and demand zones. Having adequate knowledge of supply and demand provides us with a good understanding of the market and will enable us to analyze and predict future price direction more technically and effectively. One of the good things about trading supply and demand strategy is that the zones are mostly predefined using historic price data, thereby reducing screentime and limiting the risk of overtrading. Supply and demand zones can be traded using multiple timeframes, and can be combined with other trading or chart marking techniques like trend lines, symmetrical triangles, and horizontal support and resistance, this makes it a choice for both long-term traders as well as short-term traders. Making it one of the best cryptocurrency trading strategies for professionals and beginner cryptocurrency traders looking to find simplicity and consistency in their trading careers.

For cryptocurrency traders, it may be required to store their cryptocurrency funds on an exchange to access them for trading, cryptocurrencies may be stored on a centralized or decentralized wallet as both are safe and the protection of funds is assured.

Before investing in cryptocurrency assets it is a good idea to learn how cryptocurrency works, investors are more often attracted to the profit available to be made and worry less about the risk involved, Investing in markets like the cryptocurrency market comes with some level of risk and it is not uncommon for investors to lose all of their investments due to market fluctuations, therefore investors should consider the risk involved before investing their hard-earned money into the volatile cryptocurrency market.

For investors looking to trade in the cryptocurrency market, it is necessary to have a good and sustainable investment plan and risk management techniques that will help minimize possible losses and optimize potential gains to stay profitable.

For beginners looking to invest in cryptocurrency, it is important to know what cryptocurrency asset to invest in


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