Indonesian Successful Trader, Hary Suwanda: Forex Is Not For Beginner

  • Feb 11 2022
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Indonesian Successful Trader, Hary Suwanda: Forex Is Not For Beginner

Indonesian Successful Trader, Hary Suwanda: Forex Is Not For Beginner

Hary Suwanda came given to the public since he came to a speaker at trading forums in colorful regions in Indonesia and wrote two books on the capital request. According to the actors who have attended the forum, Hary Suwanda is one of Indonesia's most successful dealers. Departing from US Options, now the CEO of Lumen Capital Resource is more involved in stock trading.

Hary Suwanda's Profile Getting to Know Trading After being laid off Not as frequently as he used to be in speaking at forums for successful Indonesian dealers in colorful metropolises, Hary Suwanda can now concentrate more on running his trading from home. Hary's trading focus is stock trading, although occasionally he still trades US options and forex.

Has Hary chosen to trade as his profession since he was youthful? Supposedly not. Before getting a successful Indonesian dealer, this alumnus of ITS Surabaya class of 1989 and IEU Surabaya batch of 1994 knew trading after he was laid off from a company during the 1998 financial extremity. With his last position as Assistant GM, Hary was forced to lose his job while he was in the middle. preparing for his marriage, eventually had to fight hard.

 He has worked in colorful kinds of jobs, similar as working in Oil & Gas at the Caltex Riau design, Land Clearing in the Kiliranjao Forest on the border of West Sumatra and Riau, to being in the Multi-Level Marketing business, aka MLM. Not as practical as moment's MLM business which uses smartphones, at that time Hary still had to prospect people from house to house, which frequently ended in expatriation and rejection. Still, the man from Singaraja, Bali, who's now housed in Surabaya, admits he has no regrets. From MLM, he got the capability to speak in public.

He quit the MLM business because he was exposed to the Capital Market «bane» in 2004. Starting his career as a successful Indonesian dealer, he learned to tone- tutored Capital Market trading from books in the Ubaya library. Not only reading them, but Hary also tried to understand the contents of the capital request books in detail and attended trading shops. Eventually, he managed to make trading for living what it's now. The bitter experience of being laid off from the company can also be seen as a blessing.

Trading Is Intriguing Because It's Independent

 Why are you interested in trading? This is because of the nature of trading that doesn't depend on others. Trading is only a matter between dealers and the examiner screen, said Hary. In addition, the trading instrument that Hary is concentrating on is stocks. Options are further a function of protection, and forex trading is just a distraction. In this case, Hary emphasized that the options he meant weren't double options, but US Options.

Options Not Binary Options

 What are US Options?

«US Options are Options that are officially traded on American Options exchanges, similar as CBOE, CME, CBOT, NYMEX, etc. While Binary Options are only products made by forex broker companies, which have no sanctioned exchanges and no authority or agency. a believable nonsupervisory body. That is why I always advise newcomers, piecemeal from avoiding forex, more importantly avoiding double options. Double options aren't options. » wrote Hary Suwanda.

 Of the three instruments, Hary Suwanda also admits that stocks are the most comfortable to trade and more profitable than options and forex.

«I first got to know the world of stock investment trading in 2004. I started my profession as a Trader through the American stock exchange, I used the Options Xpress broker, also Refco Singapore, which latterly changed to Man Financial, and eventually, I used Interactive Brokers (one of 10 brokers) top the US used by diurnal dealers) until now. I've only started laboriously trading stocks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since late 2006. It was veritably bad timing to start entering the IDX, I endured gains in 2007, but those gains faded in 2008. entered the IDX again around mid-2010. » said Hary Suwanda on his Facebook runner.

Quantitative Trading Strategy Druggies

 In stock trading, Hary chose to use the Quantitative Trading system. Quantitative Trading is a development of specialized analysis, which tries to patch up the sins of specialized analysis. So, it can be said, quantitative analysis is a more ultramodern specialized analysis. Meanwhile, for forex trading, Hary uses an instigation strategy for swing trading.

Quantitative Trading used by Hary Suwanda was inspired by his hero who's an American mathematician and investor, James Harris Simons, better known as Jim Simons. The Quant is the surname of Jim Simons thanks to his genius in the field of Quantum Mathematics.

His moxie allowed him and his platoon-all mathematicians, no economists at each-to successfully break into Wall Street and earn huge gains. Still, Hary's trading system isn't the same as Simon's, because Simons'trading strategy is more unrestricted.

Cut Loss, The Toughest Challenge in Trading

 . Cut Loss is a challenge that Hary recognizes as the toughest moment in trading. Cut loss is dealing with the stock at a lower price than the purchase price. In substance, Cut Loss is an action to help dealers who have lost, from passing indeed more losses.

Although there will always be pitfalls in trading, one of which is the cut loss, Hary said that the key to everything is sharpness in threat operation. Utmost dealers witness heavy losses due to their incapability to handle threats. Thus, no matter how good a fashion or strategy is, if it isn't accompanied by good threat operation, the results will also not be good.

Start Safe

 Are you a neophyte dealer with minimum capital who wants to invest in the derivations request? Hary Suwanda advised not. Newcomers shouldn't touch the realm of the derivations request, because there's influence.

This means that the threat that will be borne will also be abused, and that isn't good for the adaptability of a freshman's trading capital. And that peril is contained in the derivations requestincluding forex. Thus, someone who's interested in entering the world of trading should start with safe instruments, similar to stocks. However, also dealers may explore other, more parlous instruments similar to forex and options If you're familiar with stock trading.

Lumen Capital Resource is still active

 Numerous are curious about Lumen Capital Resource (LCR), the company innovated by Hary Suwanda. Some people also ask why the LCR in Jakarta is no longer active. We verified this directly with its CEO, Hary Suwanda.

LCR is a company engaged in capital request investment education. Hary denied that Lumen Capital, which is grounded in Jakarta, is no longer active. LCR is still active in Jakarta and Surabaya. Still, Hary Suwanda admitted that he'd retired from his busy life as a trading forum speaker since 2015, and is now living in Surabaya.

 Avoid Forex, Too Dangerous for Newcomers

 . Hary Suwanda trades on two exchanges, the IDX in the morning, and the American stock exchange in the evening. Before trading, he'll always relax for about 10-15 twinkles, also prepare his trading plan for the day. Hary Suwanda has now come one of Indonesia's successful dealers. The dream of being a professional dealer with harmonious gains has been achieved. The days of tasting the sour and salty world of trading have passed for Hary.

 On the morning of the trading period, Hary set a target to collect gains of over 1 million bones. In the end, he'd passed that target. And now, the author of the books «Secrets of Financial Freedom by Investing in the Capital Market» and «Keep Benefiting When Stocks Drop» is just a matter of continuing his trading business.

Want to be a successful Indonesian dealer like Hary Suwanda? The condition is noway to rush to chase profit. Just a lot to learn in the morning.

 Hary Suwanda advised, to come to a successful dealer in Indonesia, newcomers don't rush to enter the derivations request and avoid forex. Why? because forex according to him, is not for newcomers.

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