Yukiko Ikebe and Dian Kemala Tips for Successful Trading

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Yukiko Ikebe and Dian Kemala Tips for Successful Trading

Yukiko Ikebe and Dian Kemala Tips for Successful Trading

Being a successful housewife and businessman is not easy. However, Yukiko Ikebe managed to prove otherwise. Let's look at the story in the following article.

Yukiko Ikebe's name may sound strange to us, but her career as an entrepreneur and housewife began twelve years ago. In 2000 he entered the world of forex trading. As a teenager, Yukiko Ikebe studied stocks and commodities trading in futures trading. Her busy life as a mother of three and a hobby of traveling the world make her unable to run a full-time business. However, he can still make significant profits from the business community.

Meet Yukiko be Sasuke

Yukiko Ikebe is often described as a legendary and controversial forex trader for having made hundreds of millions of yen. He is able, with a good combination of technical and fundamental analysis, to catch sharp price reversals to make a big profit. According to information on his website, he was making more than 800 million yen in profit when a «financial disaster» struck him.

Yukiko Ikebe was suspended by the Japanese authorities in 2007 for tax evasion. In the summer of the same year, he was given a suspended sentence. Yukiko Ikbe was forced to pay the full withholding tax plus a 500 million yen fine.

After his suspended sentence expired in September 2010, he resumed his work. In addition, Yukiko Ikebe regularly holds seminars, writes books, and shares his experience as a tax clerk.

Learn from Yukiko Ikebe's successful business tips

Due to the lack of non-Japanese resources to tell the story, it is very difficult to find information about the trading strategy used by Yukiko Ikebe. However, Yukiko has a blog with stories about his previous experience and an introduction to the basics of forex strategy.

One of the most cited sources is Yukiko Ikebe's interview with Reuters, published in March 2011. In a video titled "Japanese Investment Fund Housewives," Yukiko talks to her forex trader about her status as a housewife. There, Yukiko Ikebe shares secrets about the main strategies she uses:

  1. Believe in yourself

At the time of the interview, a Reuters poll of analysts predicted the Australian dollar and South African rand would decline in the next six months. However, the results of Yukiko Ikebe's analysis are as follows:

"These countries are one of the few countries in the world that are 200% self-sufficient," said Yukiko Ikebe. So (what I did) was focus on both of them and see with my own eyes whether or not I should buy their currency.

The result is fifty-fifty. Yukiko Ikebe's trading strategy was right in predicting the Australian dollar, but it was wrong on the edges. 2. Know the right time to exit

Yukiko Ikebe shares her experience in the AUD / JPY business. At that point, he opened a short position at 80 yen. When the price fell to 74 yen, Yukiko closed the position with a spread of around 5 yen. But as soon as the price moves in the 70-77 range the next day. "Since there was a 5 yen difference in the sell position, at 100,000 yen you will make a profit of 500,000 yen," he said.

You can learn from this story not only by focusing on the starting point of an open trade but also by carefully deciding which level to close. If you postpone receiving the profit, the profit itself may decrease due to fluctuations in the market price.

For beginners who are still learning about forex trading, there are some interesting lessons from Yukiko Ikebe's story that you can learn before making any profit in the forex market:

First, improve your winning strategy by combining technical and fundamental analysis. You need to believe in your analysis and not be influenced by the opinions of others. Please note that you should already be aware of the complexity of the currency being traded.

Second, you have to obey the law. If there is an income tax liability, don't miss it or be late, okay? They know that paying too many tax penalties can be very frustrating, so don't run out of income. These are just a few of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. Remember that success does not come suddenly, but requires trust, effort, and careful preparation.

At any age, it's never too late to learn the business. Besides Yukiko, there are other business women like Diane Kimala from Indonesia that you can meet. Well, are you ready to be successful in Forex trading?

About Diane Kamala businessman and success story

Becoming a successful trader is not an unreasonable dream as a businessman named Diane Kimala proved it. What's the story?

Becoming a successful trader is not an unreasonable dream. It's not easy, but not impossible if done honestly. Proof of this is the name of many successful traders in the world of forex trading. In Indonesia itself, many names have made a name for themselves as successful traders. One of them is Diane Kimala.

Diane Kamala has long been known as a successful Indonesian businessman. Diane actively promotes trading ideas on international forex forums. The great ideas he conveyed made him highly regarded as a trustworthy Forex trader, especially after receiving many awards. Diane has become a leading analyst with hundreds of thousands of followers and opinions.

Diane has won many international awards. The award she received is also known as Lady Forex Asia 2013 or Miss Insta Asia. In addition, he had an honorable appearance at the Forex Star 2014 at the FX-Expo in Moscow. The following year he was named CFD Analyst of the Year 2015 at FX-Expo Dubai. Diane Kamala did not do it easily and quickly. The defeat came too but didn't give up. Additionally, the key to being successful as a forex trader like Diane Kamala and other traders is persistence, persistence, perseverance (don't give up so easily), and determination.

The key to success as a forex trader

Diane Kamala isn't the only one following the business community, but there aren't many merchants out there who can go global like Diane at one point. In the Forex world, in particular, competition is not only exercised by a handful of people, but also by traders in different countries. Therefore, forex competition is not easy.

A forex trader's success in making a profit does not depend on luck alone. Because forex is not a game of chance that only uses hockey opportunities. Deep research and analysis skills are required before taking any step. The power of analysis in capital trading is to reduce the losses of the difference between forex trading. While there aren't many names, at least in Indonesia, there are many names that fall into the successful trader category. So how do you achieve this success story?

Here are the keys to success as a forex trader like Diane Kamala:

Analytical skills

Before starting your career as a forex trader, it is a good idea to learn more about the world of forex trading. Analysis and research skills are important in deciding what to do next. Forex trading cannot guarantee a profit, but it can be achieved by minimizing losses

Be patient, brave, and confident

As a trader looking to compete with thousands of other traders around the world, you need to have these three attitudes: patience, courage, and confidence. Solitaire monitors market signals and takes opportunities to open positions.

Traders must also be willing to accept the risk of failure when trading forex. Traders need to be prepared for even the toughest of situations as many opportunities can arise. Additionally, trust is essential when it comes to taking steps and strategies to make a profit. The level of self-confidence affects your optimism and confidence not to give up when you fail. Firm and focused

Failure often leads to the layoff of beginners. However, improving trading skills requires stability. Past failures can be an experience. Focusing on research is essential to avoid misjudging job vacancies.

Do you have the characteristics of a successful trader? Don't forget to improve not only the mindset that forex trading is a process, but also the right trading analysis methods. In addition, you need to be careful when choosing a broker so as not to waste money leading to personal loss.

Being a successful housewife and businessman is not easy. However, Yukiko Ikebe managed to prove otherwise.


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