Beginner's Sketch.

  • Oct 22 2021
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Beginner's Sketch.

Beginner's Sketch.

Everybody thinks and says that it wants to start forex trading then will need huge money backup. I have a different vision about the way to start trading on forex. I don't think so lots of money is necessary to start forex trading. I always thought that if I want to start forex then I should have at least 1000 bucks. I have visited lots of forex traders who were trading on forex markets. I was sitting and watching how do they trade. Some of those forex traders were looser some of them were making good money from forex. They always advised me that forex trading for beginners is not easy. It was not false at all. But I didn't believe them, and I was trading on a demo for 1 month. After that, I gained confidence that I am ready to trade on forex now. Because in the demo account I made a good profit when I was even sleeping. I was dreaming about becoming a millionaire soon by trading on forex. 

I had a new kind of feeling that I got a smart way to make money easily and quicker than others. It was a great fantasy for me that I was able to make a huge amount of profit on the demo account. I sold all of my cryptocurrency and cash out all the money from the cryptocurrency market to invest in the forex market. I was feeling cryptocurrency is very slow and it will take a long for me to earn huge money from the cryptocurrency market. I had no idea what kind of danger is waiting for me. I invested all the money I could arrange from all sources. I thought It was a turning point in my life and will get a huge amount of money by trading on forex. But alas it just shocked me that I was losing money from the first day. I was losing because I only knew some technical analysis forex strategy. I was losing money gradually. In 3 weeks I lost all the money I have invested. I was unable to sleep at night after that. I again started reading all the articles about forex trading. I was trying to find out what was my mistake.

 Why I am losing on the real account of the forex broker? It was a nightmare. Initially, I was misled by other traders at that time. They came up with lots of strategies and rules for me. I also tested those. Alas, finally I lost a total of 4000 USD in 2 months. I was broken and left the hope of trading on the forex market. I finally planned to give up trading on the forex market.

Then I got a lead on a blog about a no deposit bonus and got 50 dollars from a broker. They had a certain condition to fill 2 lots to make a withdrawal of the bonus and bonus profit. I was not an experienced trader to fill those lots. So I applied a trick to get a profitable withdrawal from it. I followed the forex trading analysis of other reputed traders. In a week I was able to raise the balance to 183 and filled the lot and made the withdrawal. This is how I got my first success on forex trading. Yes with the no deposit bonus I saved my career on forex trading. While lots of people complained about those bonuses. They said those are not withdrawable. 

They were not able to fill the conditions for withdrawal. Forex brokers set some tricky conditions so that everybody cannot make a withdrawal but only those who are good in forex trading can make the withdrawal and earn profit. Because if any armature trader makes the withdrawal they will not deposit in future and broker will not get any profit in future from him. But people who are skilled in trading on the forex market and can make a profit will go for further deposits. I also deposited later on that broker and continuing trading now. I  became a fan of that broker and referred them to all the people who came to me to learn about forex and listen to the story about my trading life.

After that, I was able to meet the conditions of some other no deposit bonus of another broker, and also in this year, I and my fellow people were able to make the withdrawal of another bonus from that broker. So I am happy to announce that no deposit bonus is good for poor and fresher traders who have no money or are afraid of depositing the forex market.

I am now working as a mentor besides my trading too. I have some students who are also rising stars. For them, I investigate no deposit bonus and give them that info. I found In google and came to know that they offering article bonuses like old times. Now here wrote an article about my experience and earn a $10 bonus. This kind of opportunity is incredible for new people. You can become one of the authors of the AZAFOREX blog and share your ideas, strategies, market analysis, and experience with other traders around the world. For getting analysis from reputed traders, I strongly recommend the forums that are providing trading analysis for free. Some people are very good at forex trading, but they don’t give short-term analysis. 

Their analysis is helpful for a long-term trade. But short-term traders and day traders can get ideas from them to test their analysis too. To learn the fundamental rules of forex trading I strongly recommend the website that sells premiums trading tutorials. Always listen to the experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then learn from their analysis, practice it on the demo account, and then do it on live trading. 

If you’ve already spent enough time around the forex trading forums all over the internet, then you’ve doubtlessly encountered so-called traders who say that they’ve made consistent pips using only one trading system from past to present. On the other hand, you also see others be failed by following the same trading system. Why does this happen? It happened because of only sentiments. The forex market does not follow any rules strictly geometrically. There are some extra moves are on the chart. Because when everybody starts trading by following technical analysis the balance of market goes off and the market creates extra move by force. 

Some say gamblers create those moves but I don’t believe that anyone can move this trillion-dollar market. These moves are called sentimental moves. If you can control your sentiment at this point and be patient and stay on the technical analysis you are following in the end you will win and will be able to earn a huge amount. In my case, I do not start trading immediately when I finished with my analysis. I wait a couple of hours and let markets go against my analysis. 

Once I think that it has gone enough against my analysis then I place my trade according to my analysis and see the market start moving towards my analysis. 70% of my analysis is right 30% goes wrong and I am still trying to overcome this. I am telling you I am not a pro trader but,  I am growing towards being a pro.

Most people usually spend tons of time depending on indicators, parameters, and trading rules without giving much thought to how long they might work. They do not test enough their demo on the market. They do not do the backtest. They listen to some motivational speeches from so-called traders but schemers and jump into the market to become Elon  Musk within a day. But later they found that the market took their deposit. Some people even think that the forex market is not a profitable business. But I saw some billionaire forex traders in my locality. I am dreaming and you should too. Because hope is the only thing, that can keep you alive in this forex market.

How to start forex trading without making any deposite.


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