How to deposit with Uphold and other crypto exchanges

  • Jun 28 2021
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How to deposit with Uphold and other crypto exchanges

How to deposit with Uphold and other crypto exchanges

1. Sign up with a Bitcoin exchange like Uphold
You can also use:,, or others.

2. Credit your Uphold by adding funds to your account via bank transfer or credit card.
3. Buy bitcoins by converting your funds between cards. The Uphold digital wallet contains a set of cards representing various forms of currency. Let's say you transfer funds denominated in US dollars to your digital wallet. Now this money will be on your card in US dollars. Select a card in US dollars and click the Transfer between cards button. Now you can convert your dollars to bitcoins easily and quickly. Once you're done, the money will appear on your BTC card.
4. After receiving bitcoins to your Uphold account, log into the MT7 Platform and in the Client Area, select the Bitcoin method on the Deposit page.
5. From the drop-down list, select which base currency BTC account you would like to deposit with Bitcoin - click Deposit Funds. This will generate a unique public Bitcoin (BTC) address that you will use to send your funds.
 6. Copy the Bitcoin wallet address you see on the MT 7 platform and go back to your Uphold account. Select the Uphold money card you want to use and click Use Funds.
 7. Select the Send to cryptocurrency address option and enter the public address to which you are sending funds. Enter the amount you are sending and click Confirm.
8. Now that you have sent bitcoin to your trading account, it will take a few minutes for the bitcoin network to send it to AZAforex. 
9. Immediately after the first confirmation of the transfer on the blockchain network, you need to click the Check transactions button in the platform in the Bitcoin Deposits section. After that, the funds will be automatically credited to your trading account in the base cryptocurrency BTC.
10. You can immediately start trading on this account or you can exchange and transfer in the platform at market prices without commissions BTC to accounts in other base currencies. There are currently 16 base currencies and 6 base cryptocurrencies available for trading accounts.

Depositing with Uphold and other crypto exchanges is easy. The trading platform accepts payments in 4 cryptocurrencies automatically without commissions. You can independently deposit funds at any time of the day using cards linked to exchanges. You just need to click the Check Transactions button.


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