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Crypto-currencies: new assets conquer global markets

In modern markets, there are confidently entered crypto-currencies, around which the hype and hype do not cease.
Cryptocurrency, in particular bitcoin, is becoming more expensive, it is falling sharply in price, forcing many speculators to be nervous and can not find places for themselves, questioning the correctness of their investments in this instrument.
But anyway, practically from any fluctuation of the digital currency, traders can teach real benefits.
How exactly? Let's look at all the main points in turn
1. The world of digital currencies as opposed to the financial system
The traditional financial sector is rather boring and very simple: nothing surprising, because banking organizations, brokerage firms, and insurance companies are not for anyone, not a novelty - they are thoroughly studied.
This encouraged the original personalities and creative specialists to develop another method for earning - a method that would be based on high technologies.
The ingenious research team led by Satoshi Nakamoto found a way out: they became the pioneers of digital currencies - they were able to create bitcoin.
A certain database - a platform built from blocks for the extraction of currency was called "block".
The IT community and digital technology specialists immediately turned their attention to an aspect of the platform, such as the anonymity.
It is about the confidentiality of the data received.
Experts also note that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies of the world have become so popular for several reasons. Among them are the following: support for people who are actively fighting for freedom (from total control of the state), as well as support for those who dreamed of new or additional options for income generation.
How can you earn digital money?
The main method for obtaining it is the extraction of cryptocurrency based on solving mathematical problems by means of a computer.
But users are interested in one and the most important question - is it possible to make a profit by working with digital currencies, and how specifically to earn?

The production of crypto-currencies (the process of mining) does not lend itself to the regulation of special organizations and is not controlled by processing organizations.
In other words, the miners got full freedom of action: get it - I do not want it.
In fact, if you draw an analogy, then you can compare the miners and those users of the network who are engaged in distributing torrents-bags, necessary for uploading a movie, songs, or games.
As his "fee", he gets an upgraded rating.

But only, unlike those users who handle distribution and receives ratings for it, the miners receive well-deserved earnings in the form of digital coins - bitcoins, etc., and not a simple rating.
Also among the main features of the cryptocurrency, it is worth noting their safety: this aspect follows from the fact that the digital currencies do not have a single center of their security.
Also, it is necessary to say that there are also no commissions: the commission is available only when withdrawing funds.
If we talk about crypto-currencies, then everything is obvious with bitcoin: the world's first cryptocurrency, which is very popular and creates a lot of excitement around itself.
But let's look at another option - altcoins.
Despite the fact that the developers and creators of bitcoin did their best, many specialists did not sit idle, and they decided to "improve" the model, and to create such an analog of bitcoin - and developed altcoins.
But despite its popularity, only a few of the altcoins are liquid.
Among the most famous tools are:
Litecoin is the most well-known of variants of altcoin;
NameCoin is a storage system that is based on Bitcoin technology, and this makes it possible to drop two crypto-currencies simultaneously;
Ethereum is ether, which is the analog of NameCoin and acts as a nucleus for creating a blocking system.
Dash is an affordable decentralized payment system that allows you to make anonymous payments.
At the same time, Dash Mining means less energy consumption than other variants of cryptocurrency.
Zcash is the first open, not involving any limitations of the cryptocurrency, but with all access, it has security translations.
Ripple appeared in 2012 and represents a whole system of consecutive operations, and it does not rely on classical blocking technology.
In other words, altcoins act not only in the role of digital money but also are full-fledged platforms - services, which make it possible to implement a number of operations and tasks.
The current year, 2017, became fateful for bitcoin. This value is directly related to the fluctuations of the exchange rate: most traders do not leave the important question: will there be profit, or will it collapse ?!
But one way or another, bitcoin has demonstrated record growth this year - Cryptocurrency has grown by more than 1000%.
Anyway, any fluctuation of a crypto active is an excellent chance to make money on it - having received income from both buying a tool and selling it.
As for the prospects, they are quite optimistic, if you believe the positive predictions of experts.
However, despite all doubts about bitcoin, the Japanese authorities have already managed to legitimize the world's first cryptocurrency: they legalized it as a national monetary unit.
Also, a lot of payment services provide an opportunity to open wallets - for storage, and transfers to bitcoin, and a number of countries are thinking about giving this cryptocurrency an official status.
If we talk about brokerage companies that provide trade contracts, many of them already offer to trade on crypto-currencies, constantly expanding the range of tools.

The ingenious research team led by Satoshi Nakamoto found a way out: they became the pioneers of digital currencies - they were able to create bitcoin.


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