How to deposit with a VISA or MasterCard by Exchanges

  • Apr 23 2021
How to deposit with a VISA or MasterCard by Exchanges

How to deposit with a Bank Cards or Bank Wire through online exchanges

How to deposit with a VISA, MasterCard or Bank Wire through online exchanges.
In this article, we will show you step by step how easy it is to deposit with a VISA or MasterCard or other payment systems through cryptocurrency using online exchanges.
In the modern world, it is very easy to exchange funds from Card and buy or sell Cryptocurrencies, even to those customers who do not understand this at all.

You do not need to download additional software or register and create crypto wallets somewhere, all this is already configured for you in our MT 7 trading platform.

Any client from any country can make a deposit and withdraw funds using a VISA, MasterCard, Bank transfer, E-wallets and different cryptocurrencies to transfer funds using online exchanges.
All Exchanges are made with a minimum commission expense.

The exchange operation can be completed in a few minutes, in contrast to the return of funds to the card in the usual processing environment, which can take several business days.

The principle of operation of these exchanges is slightly different from the methods you are used to, but this is why it is better and simpler and faster.
You can change any type of currency or cryptocurrency back and forth very quickly.
The scheme resembles an exchange between different persons without the participation of centralized systems.

You send funds to a specified account or public address, and you receive funds from a completely different person or organization to the details that you specify.

For some transactions, you do not need to register at all in the exchange and go through document verification, if you do not exceed the established limits, which greatly simplifies these exchanges.

«So what is the simplicity of which scheme?» you ask.

Open a trading account in the Personal Area in the base cryptocurrency BTC (Bitcoin). A personal public Bitcoin address will be linked to this trading account to which you can immediately transfer funds. This address can be specified as the recipient of the cryptocurrency when exchanging funds.

Open a trading account in the Personal Area

 Acceptance of funds and trading in Cryptocurrencies work around the clock in automatic mode.
To see this address, you need to go to the Deposit funds tab, select the Bitcoin payment system and click the Proceed button.

To see this address, you need to go to the Deposit funds tab

recipient of Bitcoin in the future

You can copy this address and use it as a recipient of Bitcoin in the future.

If you want to use the built-in links to online exchanges, you will see the same public address for receiving Bitcoin.
In our platform, in the Deposits and Withdrawals section, links are already built-in and there is a short description of 5 popular exchanges, but you can use any other without any restrictions.

5 popular exchanges

You can choose any exchange you trust or like with their exchange rates. We recommend choosing exchanges from the rating of exchanges, where you can choose the best exchange rate or read real reviews about the exchange.

The most popular rating is

In the Give column, you choose what you want to give for the exchange, and in the Get column what currency you will receive after the exchange and you are shown a list of exchange sites and the current exchange rates.

In our example, you can choose to exchange Visa / MasterCard USA for Bitcoin (BTC) and you will see a table of exchanges with the current exchange rates and minimum amounts to be exchanged.
Exchange sites have different designs, but they all share the same principle and scheme.

Select Bank Cards for payment and Bitcoin for receiving funds.

Specify the amount to be exchanged and you will immediately be shown the amount in Bitcoin that you will receive.

After clicking on the Exchange button, you will be offered a standard quick registration on the site for further control of the transaction and, perhaps, you will need to go through verification.

Confirm your email address and phone number and upload the required documents if necessary.

Please Note! In the wallet to receive field, specify the public address of the Bitcoin wallet that is linked to your trading account. You can find this public address in the Personal Area of the trading platform MT 7. Be sure to double-check the receiving address, because, in the event of an error, the transaction cannot be cancelled or refunded

Bank Cards

Make an exchange.

You can check the transaction in the blockchain system on different sites, this information is publicly available. Enter a public address in the search field and you will see all transactions associated with this address. You can use these or other sites:

Wait for at least 3 confirmations of your transaction on the blockchain network. After that, go to the Personal area in the trading platform in the Deposit funds section, select the deposit Bitcoin, your trading account and click on the Check transaction button.

Check transaction button

Your transaction should appear in this table and the funds will be credited to your account. After that, you can already open orders.

If it is more convenient for you to see the balance and profit in another account currency, then you can independently transfer funds between your accounts.
To transfer funds from your BTC account to your other account in a different currency, such as USD, go to the Transfer Funds section.

Transfer Funds

Select the account from which you will transfer funds, select the account to which you want to transfer funds, write the amount to transfer. For convenience, you can make a preliminary calculation of the transfer.

preliminary calculation of the transfer

Click the Make Transfer button and the funds will be automatically transferred at market rates without commission. Now you can trade on an account in USD base currency.

Good luck!

In this article, we will show you step by step how easy it is to deposit with a VISA or MasterCard or other payment systems through cryptocurrency using online exchanges.

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