HA30 system

  • Apr 12 2021
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HA30 system

The Heiken Ashi system

You know the phrase - «All ingenious-just».

Even in ancient times, many geniuses and outstanding figures on the planet Earth recommended for the criterion of genius to choose just simplicity.
In the forex market, there is a good confirmation of that - the Heiken Ashi system, which operates on the thirty-minute HA30 chart.
But what hides behind simplicity?
1) when, and how and where exactly can this strategy be applied?
The most effective and acceptable result for the trader is the system provides on the trend currency pairs - AUD / USD, EUR / USD.
It is also advisable to use the HA30 strategy at the very beginning of the trend - a bullish or bearish movement.
As for the timeframe, the experts strongly recommend that the interval be M30.
For trading it is best to use such time when members of the Forex exchange actively and massively pump it - that is, such conditions take place at the opening of the London session and the beginning of the American session.
Increased actively traced precisely from 17.00 to 19.00, but the error is present.
A trader can use this system on a known terminal metatrader, for example on the fourth version, which has built-in Ashi candles and a simple trend indicator.
Recall that Heiken Ashi candles are like Japanese, but are averaged - without random fluctuations, and each of the candles is connected with both past and next.
For a player who is engaged in motivating a trend movement on them - it's just a joy.
To maximize the result, try to follow the rules in the HA30 trade:
- wait for correction, when the price has closed a couple of candles in the opposite direction;
- enter the market on the first candle that closed along the main trend;
- Stop loss order to establish, focusing on this rule: a couple of points lower, or higher than the nearest local extremes;
 - Take-profit twice exceeds the stop-loss.
In addition to this set of rules, there are additional trading conditions.
Instead of the usual order for us, called "stop-loss", you can fully apply a trailing stop with identical initial data.
As practice shows, for trend tactics its use is quite effective and brings the desired result.
With each rise in prices or a price drop, a stop order will automatically follow it.
You can certainly move the stop-loss manually, but this requires us to continuously monitor the market situation, and consequently takes a lot of time and effort.
If you see that the level of the loess needs to be set quite large, then it is better not to enter the trading operation at all: such conditions do not meet the requirement of the strategy that we are considering.
The market can be entered at the first received signal, which confirms the price movement.
It is possible, and even necessary, to wait for a change in the trend and at the start of its persistent movement to conduct trading on a rollback - on the first, second or third.
If strictly comply with all the conditions that this system requires of us - enter the position when all the rules are met - the indicator that shows the direction of movement has not changed the shade, the segment - the distance to the nearest low / maximum is not very large, the hekenasha candles changed the trend correction (preferring to follow the trend), then the player can effectively apply market tactics and get stable yields on the way out.
Despite the external simplicity, such a trading system assumes a detailed study of market behavior and the acquisition of valuable practical skills.
HA30, as a rule, will suit novice traders - it is a clear and rational example of logical reasoned trading.

The most effective and acceptable result for the trader is the system provides on the trend currency pairs - AUD / USD, EUR / USD.


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