Women and trading

  • Jul 06 2017
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Women and  trading

Women and Forex trading

Many of us are still confident and naively believe that in the world of financial markets, there is no place for the weaker gender, such as forex trading means only male participation.

But everything is not so simple. As it turns out, statistics also indicates, that a fairly decent percentage of women in the world conducts successful trading in the international currency market. At the moment, traders from the beautiful half of humanity are determined by more than 10 per cent of all the participants of the exchange.

If we talk about historical data, then almost half a century ago, the first made itself felt, American Muriel Siebert, claiming his right to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. Taking the position of a broker (70 of the XX century), Muriel changed the public consciousness and made a coup in the financial sector. She achieved a lot, conquered the market - she owns about 80% of the shares of Sibert Financial Corp., and after, began to promote financial women's independence. Muriel is a vivid example of the fact that some women are better than many men and they are better at trading, are more active in solving financial problems and can better manage.

For example, you can also call Martha Helen Sewart. Her career was even more successful and she managed to earn a decent fortune - around half a billion US dollars. And this even though trading on the stock exchange, were for her rather a hobby. Ms Sewart is the head and owner of the largest holding company. At a time when her corporation gained access to trading on the New York exchange, she instantly turned Martha into a billionaire, raising her fortune.

But analyzing such vivid examples of successful women, we willy-nilly think about how a woman trader is different from a man's speculator, and what qualities help to achieve the desired result?

Of course, the first and most important is the ability to think analytically.

Without analysis, it is impossible to trade on forex, it is impossible to learn to make accurate forecasts and it is simply unrealistic to make right and balanced decisions. As practice shows, many women have developed analytical thinking and the ability to correctly assess the situation, despite the tendency to emotions and exaggeration.

Besides, as is evident and practical experience, women have a pronounced sixth sense - more developed intuitive abilities. Much stronger than most men. Women are not afraid and rely on their flair if the analysis no longer works, and in most cases, turn out to be right, which can not be said of pragmatic men who are not ready to trust the sixth sense.

Also a characteristic feature of women's trading is a sense of patience. It is patience so not enough for men who desperately want to get everything right away. In reality, as the female half of humanity, we have to endure and learn to wait, be calm and be able to control the situation. Patience, calmness and self-control are the basic qualities of an exemplary girl who builds a good and happy destiny.

To date, the modern world dictates its rules, and any of the women can follow the bright example of American women and forever change their lives for the better. But in any case, a successful result in the field of currency trading, largely depends on personal qualities, individual skills and predisposition of a person.

Despite their emotionality, women in trading often take fewer ill-considered decisions, carefully manage their funds and own methods of managing capital. Moreover, they competently assess possible risks and conduct rational transactions. Also, women are more organized, collected and able to create plans and develop brilliant projects.

The main task is not to think in stereotypes, but to act despite everything!

Traders of women achieve success in the forex market


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