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Types of charts on Forex

The player actively and widely applies graphics as a means for conducting a technical analysis of the market, for forecasting and making correct trading decisions.

Typical Forex features

A correct approach to analysis gives us an advantage and allows us to correctly compile future forecasts of price behaviour by market participants.

Feel yourself to be an investor

At the moment, funds are attractive: it is a high-quality investment product, where the profit potential is really wide.

Trends in the Flat market

In the period of lateral movement it is recommended that traders refrain from making transactions

The technical indicator RSI

Technical indicators help traders correctly determine the direction of price movement for making profitable trades

What do you need to know in Forex?

For beginners, it is extremely important to understand the peculiarities of trading on  forex, to learn all the "pitfalls of the market" and to understand the factors that are fundamental in the process of earning.

British Pound Sterling

In the role of influencing factors provoking the movement of the pound, macroeconomic indicators in the UK and other important data directly related to the state.


Trading Analytics

Be one step ahead of the market

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