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Vendor trading rules

An important stage associated with the preparation for the installation of orders, it is more rational to start on a 3-4 wave of the figure, or after forming 50% of the triangle. By all the canons of those. analysts, the breakdown happens precisely in this period of model formation.

The CCI indicator it's a powerful tool for the trader.

The commodity channel index belongs to the category of market indicators: this is the most powerful weapon for traders for many years. The true effectiveness and significance of this indicator is demonstrated by the fact that CCI is included in most trading terminals and platforms: developers with hunting implement it in classical analytics tools.

Redrawing indicators in the foreign exchange market

The basic concept of the strategy is a gradual, relatively smooth build-up of positions: we increase deals as the price moves in favour of the player.

ECN accounts

What features does the ECN account open?1) instantaneous implementation of orders;2) is advantageous in that there are no requotes;3) minimum spreads. When a trader prefers this type of account, then they do not have Limit and Stop levels, that is, there is no limit to the minimum distance between the current price value and pending orders.

Graphs of the Range Bar

The developer of the Range Bar corrected the system of creating candles. If in a classical, traditional model they are created in time (for example, for 5 minutes or the hour: after the price passes a fixed time interval, a new candle is formed), then in the updated solution, the candle is created through a spread of prices.

Main indicators of Renko

As for the basic tactics with the use of Renko schedules, in case you intend to use these graphics constantly, experts advise not to select any special schedules or advisers. Use familiar tactics or tools.

Spread indicator

Very high utility and a fairly high level of need for trading work have one of the market determinants - the spread indicator. It is he who allows monitoring the important parameter - the value of the brokerage commission (if one considers a particular currency pair) in a stable and constant manner

Renko charts

If you look at and analyze any trading chart, then using the Renko charts you can once again (on the next or the hundredth) confirm that the Pareto rule really works.


Most of the players just do not understand how to use pyramiding better, so it's afraid of it. But we will reveal the secrets and share practical approaches.

Classic figures on Forex

The strategy of forecasting the currency market, which is based on price formation and has been successfully used by players for many decades. It has a high level of reliability, as it provides traders with the most accurate entry into the market, understandable levels of loss limitation and profit-fixing zones.


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