The calculation of profit for September and October 2016 by AzaForex forex broker

For traders who take care of our trading recommendations, and those wishing to succeed in the field of exchange, forex broker AzaForex offers a detailed report on the results of trading analytics.
  Over the last two months the forex market and the stock market have given us a good opportunity to earn and increase our account. Particularly pleased with the stock market, where shares of the motion yielded not only the technical analysis, but also the fundamental analysis. Many of the changes in prices continued on even after we fix the profit for take-profit levels, thereby proving the right direction of our analysts. For those who follow our recommendations and use them in trading, now it is time to check your earned money with our report. Trading in shares on the stock market has its advantages compared to trade in the Forex market. Behind certain stocks there are companies, whose economic and corporate data can always be traced. It always helps to make the right investment decision. Also many stocks have very high growth potential and a dynamic volatility, which is always a positive effect on the attitude of potential loss and profit. Well, I suggest that you analyze the downstream data, and later use them in your trading.

If you use all trading recommendation from AzaForex - you can do profit + 2965 pips. Depending on the volume of your position, your profit could be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = $ 29 650 per month.
If we consider the total price movement after a take-profit, you could earn another 2240 points when trading volume of 1 lot, it's also a $ 22 400  in your account!
Detailed report:
12.09.16 GOLD - Profit +125 pips
13.10.16 EURCAD - Breakeven (price went 100 pips)
15.09.16 Apple - Profit +550 pips
19.09.16 EURUSD - Loss -50 pips
21.09.16 Verizon - Profit +150 пунктов (price went +500 pips)
22.09.16 GOLD - Breakeven (м 70 pips)
23.09.16 Google - Loss -50 pips
26.09.16 Twitter - Profit +150 pips (price went +70 pips)
27.09.16 J&J - Profit +150 pips (price went +200 pips)
29.09.16 Intel - Loss -50 pips
30.09.16 Tesla - Profit +350 pips
3.10.16 GBPNZD - Profit +140 pips (price went +300 pips)
4.10.16 GBPJPY - Profit +255 pips (price went +500 pips)
5.10.16 GOLD - Profit +140 pips
6.10.16 EURNZD - Breakeven (price went 100 pips)
7.10.16 USDCAD - position is still open Profit +80 pips
10.10.16 Bank of America - position is still open Profit +30 pips
14.10.16 GBPNZD - Profit +135 pips
18.10.16 USDTRY - position is still open Loss -10 pips
19.10.16 J&J - Profit +100 pips
20.10.16 USDPLN - Profit +200 pips (price went 420 pips)
21.10.16 AUDCAD - Profit +100 pips
24.10.16 USDCAD - position is still open Profit +30 pips
25.10.16 Apple - Loss -50 pips
26.10.16 Boeing - Profit +490 pips (price went +150 pips)