The calculation of profit for July 2016 by AzaForex forex broker

In July, as we found out, many traders and investors had left for a vacation, having their computers turned off, and with them forex brokers, quotes, purchase and sale of shares and currency pairs. This was reflected with the behavior of quotes on forex, indices, stocks and commodities market. Trends do not have much else worthy continuation, all impulses that could be used to earn money in the Forex market, went down and prevent trends from developing. Only the rate of gold has showed the powerful and long trends, where we were able to make good money. The rest of the currency pairs were sleeping, sometimes waking up. Again and again we see that if went to the good trend, it is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of it. These few successful profitable positions create the weather, for a live trading account, for the whole month. It is also important to make a good choice of volatile trading instruments, where quotes are changing rapidly on many points, giving traders and investors chance to create and replenish their accounts. Sometimes you can sluggish the currency pairs, where you can fall asleep watching schedule, waiting for at least a slow the movement, not even thinking about the earnings. As a result, despite everything, we were able to make money, though not much, compared with the previous months, but still worthy to close the month. Follow our advices and trading analytics, and you can always make money trading forex and make your dreams come true!

If you use all trading recommendation from AzaForex - you can do profit + 770 pips. Depending on the volume of your position, your profit could be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = 7 700 $ per month.
If we consider the total price movement after a take-profit, you could earn another 360 points when trading volume of 1 lot, it's also a 3 600 $ in your account!

Detailed report:

4.07.16 GOLD - Profit +160 pips
5.07.16 GBPJPY - Profit +220 pips (price went +200 pips)
7.07.16 USDJPY - Loss -50 pips
8.07.16 CRUDE OIL - Profit +140 pips
11.07.16 AUDCAD - Breakeven (price went 70 pips)
12.07.16 AUDUSD - Loss -50 pips
15.07.16 AUDNZD - Breakeven (price went 70 pips)
18.07.16 EURUSD - Breakeven (price went 70 pips)
20.07.16 GOLD - Profit +100 pips
21.07.16 USDCHF - Breakeven (price went 40 pips)
25.07.16 USDCAD - Breakeven (price went 55 pips)
27.07.16 GOLD - Profit +250 pips (price went +160 pips)
29.07.16 NZDCAD - Breakeven (price went 50 pips)