The calculation of profit for august 2016 by AzaForex forex broker

For traders listening to our trading recommendations Forex Broker AzaForex gives a detailed report on the results of trading analytics. In August, news from the British Empirethe decisive played a major role on the Forex market. All powerful movements, with which we were able to make good money, have been associated with currency pairs traded in cross country with the British pound. Also many movements of currency pairs and Gold did not take the form of a powerful trend and lost their speed, going only from 40 to 110 points. Taking into account that we have set worthy goals for trade, for a solid increase in investment portfolios and the size of the trading account, we did not record these small positive position, bringing a stop loss at the breakeven level. Our business analyst this month was almost right in all cases. Only 1 from 14 opened positions has been closed with negative result, and it is only 7.4% of the remaining trading recommendations. So our readers can safely follow the trade advice of AzaForex. After all, for over half a year our recommendations show profit! The success of the profitable trade in the Forex market is the strict adherence to the trading strategy, patience, endurance, and worthy goal!

If you use all trading recommendation from AzaForex - you can do profit + 985 pips. Depending on the volume of your position, your profit could be different, for example, when trading 1 lot = 9 850 $ per month.
If we consider the total price movement after a take-profit, you could earn another 250 points when trading volume of 1 lot, it's also a 2500 $ in your account!

Detailed report:
1.08.16 GOLD -      Breakeven (price went 110 pips)
2.08.16 EURNZD -  Profit +110 pips
5.08.16 EURGBP -  Profit +100 pips (price went +120 pips)
8.08.16 GBPAUD -  Profit +245 pips (price went +80 pips)
10.08.16 GBPCHF - Profit +230 pips (price went +50 pips)
12.08.16 EURGBP - Breakeven (price went 90 pips)
15.08.16 USDJPY -  Breakeven (price went 110 pips)
16.08.16 USDCHF - Profit +90 pips
17.08.16 AUDJPY -  Loss -50 pips
22.08.16 GOLD -     Profit +110 pips
25.08.16 GOLD -     Profit +120 pips
26.08.16 AUDNZD - The position is still open Profit +30 pips
30.08.16 AUDUSD - Breakeven (price went 40 pips)
31.08.16 GOLD -      Breakeven (price went 70 pips)