Day trading strategies on GOLD 11-9-2016 by AzaForex forex broker, proven advice on trading foreign exchange the right way

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Forex market is simply in shock because the US presidential election results. Prices for currency pairs and precious metals are just crazy. The trading involved fx players panic and fears about the future of the American dollar. The uncertainty about the future does not inspire great confidence among investors. Therefore, prices change their direction to opposite in a few hours. All trends that you could predict, based on technical analysis, have lost all sense. Trading on the stock exchange is now run by traders emotions. The stock market is not as bright respond to world news, in contrast to the currency market. Many traders began to buy gold as a tool that has always been the standard of value. Therefore, the price of gold started to rise in the last hours. As a rule, this trend can be continued if the mind does not prevail over the fears and concerns of traders and investors. If the price will go to a second assault of the newly conquered heights, it is possible to buy the precious metal with the aim of earning it, but not to find a security in this  trading tool. Such volatile fluctuations always give traders an excellent opportunity for easy money. You only need to keep your nose to the wind, because the last few days the weather will be changeable, and currency wounds will still shake.

The price is above a simple moving average 200 MA and 20 MA indicating bullish trend.

If the resistance level is broken you can use the following recommendation:
•    Chart timeframe: H4
•    The trade recommendation: Buy
•    The level of entry into long position: 1338
•    The level of profit and close the position: 1353 (1500 pips)

Forex currency pair USDCHF
Possible bullish movement in the breakout of the resistance level 0.9840

Forex currency pair GBPUSD
Possible bearish movement in the breakdown of the support level 1.2350

Forex currency pair USDJPY
Possible bearish movement in the breakdown of the support level 101.10

Forex currency pair EURUSD
Possible bearish movement in the breakdown of the support level 1.1000