The most popular programming language is JavaScript

  • Aug 13 2021
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The most popular programming language is JavaScript

The most popular programming language is JavaScript

One of the main advantages of the Mobius Trader 7 platform is that to write algorithms (advisors, indicators, scripts) for your strategies and orders, you must have programming skills in the most popular JavaScript language.

The JavaScript developer was Brendan Eich. He, along with a team of experienced experts in 1995, began to create a new language that could be embedded in HTML markup.

In this language, you can find a huge amount of different literature, including training video courses. JavaScript develops every year and becomes richer in the arsenal of functions than any other self-written language ​​of small companies. In independent ratings, this language ranks first both in popularity and in demand among programmers in this language.

Compared to the language

Compared to the language for MQL4 \ 5, which is currently in 41st place.

JavaScript has many other benefits as well. By learning JavaScript, programmers can easily find high-paying jobs (a JavaScript programmer earns a salary of $ 2,000- $ 4,500 a month).

If you have learned the MQL4 / 5 language and have not become a trader, then you have wasted your time. A person who can program in MQL can only work to write algorithms for MT4 and MT5 terminals.

In conclusion, we can say that a trader who chose Mobius Trader 7 and learned the JavaScript language can both trade in Forex and find a good and high-paying job just as quickly.

A JavaScript programmer earns an average salary of $ 2,000 to $ 4,500 per month.


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