Order volume in lots and money

  • Aug 09 2021
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Order volume in lots and money

Order volume in lots and money

There are many reasons why you should switch your trading platform to Mobius Trader. You will simply earn more and not lose your funds.

However, you need to get used to some of the specifics of this program and the specifics of the real market. It will be easy, just read this short text.


There are no lots in the real market.

For a long time, trading terminals did not allow clients to trade on the real market, so the trading volume is displayed in the form of lots. Let's say, when trading in Metatrader 4, you can buy only 1 lot of EURUSD. You do not see the exact amount of the order and cannot set any other order volume in our terminal, which is not a multiple of lots and is not part of them.

Now you can see the volume of your order and in what currency.
You can choose the amount of currency you want to buy or sell instead of obscure lots. You are not limited to discrete quantities, this gives you a lot of flexibility in your trading.

You can trade cryptocurrencies. It is the only trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency. On other platforms, you can trade CFDs or futures only on cryptocurrency, that is, bets on it. In the Mobius Trader platform, you can make real transactions with cryptocurrency, buy and sell it and withdraw it after the exchange.

Cent accounts

Previously, most brokers had 2 types of accounts - cent and dollar. In the Mobius Trader 7 platform, we offer you the opportunity to open orders with a very small volume of 10 USD or 0.0001 Standard lot. Thus, you can trade as on a cent account without any distortion and multiplication.

There are no lots in the real market.


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