Real forex trading

  • Aug 03 2021
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Real forex trading

Real forex trading

Most people trading forex do not understand how it works. Trading is usually conducted at non-professional terminals and is perceived by the trader as a casino or scam.

Consider the main biases:

There is a Current price  and already further, the Dealing Centers break it into ask and bid
Forex trading in lots
The prices that we see are indicative and serve only to inform. And trading takes place at the next price.
The calculation of profit and collateral is complicated and occurs through special formulas
There is no real supply of currencies on Forex
These prejudices do not make the market as a whole understandable and lead to losses.

Traders perceive the market through the sites and terminals in which they operate. Most of these terminals are too simplistic. Functionality is stripped down. And in my opinion, this is the main cause of forex losses.

How the Forex Market Actually Works


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