How to work with dangerous advisers, this knowledge is foreign exchange power all traders need to know

The international currency market forex is not only an opportunity to trade in a manual mode. Manual trading takes too much valuable time trader, makes you experience stressful situations and is constantly at the computer screen, controlling the situation.

Therefore, more and more traders prefer automatic trading and working with trading advisers. But the trade that involves the use of robots may be potentially unsafe: it is associated with an increased level of risk.

Trading, based on the use of dangerous advisors, is a very real thing. You can trade them if you do it very carefully: adhering to all the rules and following the recommendations of market experts. Advisers of this kind (for example, those based on the Martingale principle, the miscreants) can bring you a huge profit - an income that no other adviser will bring.

The basic principle of such forex techniques is that in most cases, the price simply has to return to a fixed average value (determined). In other words, the main concept of tactics is that when a certain level of uncovered losses is reached, more orders are opened, volumes are raised or entire pyramids are built from orders.

But improperly tuning tactics can be extremely dangerous and lead us to huge losses, critical losses and leave literally with nothing.

But, with the right approach and a favorable situation, dangerous advisers can give a chance to make good money. But do not rely entirely on luck: this is at least not rational. Therefore, the main task of a trader who chooses dangerous advisors is to try them on demo accounts.

So, the basic rules for working with dangerous advisers are:

1) the first rule is to trade on cent accounts, choosing a large deposit;

Do not use micro or classic accounts: cent accounts are more suitable for opening a huge number of orders, and additional items with increased lots.

2) apply the maximum possible level of leverage;

It is a mistake to believe that risks and leverage are dependent on each other. Even with the use of a minimum leverage, you can not in any way reduce the level of risk. First of all, the risk depends on the stop-loss and the player's position size. The optimum variant of a shoulder at a choice of dangerous advisers - 1: 500.

3) the third rule: carefully study the recommendations that are attached to the advisers (instructions for optimal use);

For example:

- the minimum deposit size;

- lot;

- recommendations about currency pairs;

- recommendations about the timeframe and others.

Do not neglect the recommendations, use them.

4) before running a dangerous robot to trade on real money, be sure to run it through the strategy tester;

Do not forget that in the test the advisor should have exactly the same amount of deposit that you are going to use for real trading. Parameters and settings should also not be different. A tester needs a player for that. to understand what exactly we expect in real trading: testing can be corrected, correct some settings and input data.

5) derive profits in real trading;

The schedule you establish and regulate independently - once a week, a month or daily.

6) study in detail all the possibilities of the robot: in trade with advisors, it is not worth hurrying;

A month or two will be enough to run the robot on a demo account.

7) use VPS-server in case there are interruptions with communication: this will allow you not to go into minus and help in the current situation;

8) try to use for trading for trading accounts with a spread floating;

The size of the spread is important: it helps to avoid losing part of the deposit and prevent the adviser from closing the order pyramid.

Of course, automatic trading can be profitable, despite the high risks associated with the use of an adviser. Use the above rules, which will allow you to make dangerous advisers safer and easier to work yourself.