Characteristics of night trading on Forex, steps on how to make money in the foreign exchange market

Trade in the international foreign exchange market can be different - manual or automatic, day or night. What is night trading on Forex?

Of course, in the daytime, the foreign exchange market is more active: the night market is a market that is characterized by a flat state of trading systems. That is, constantly the price can change: it is corrected within the limits of the channel (corridor), which forms the lateral - flat movement of the exchange. At the same time, the price is also limited by the lower levels of support, and by the upper levels of resistance.

How can a trader use a nightly forex with a profit for himself?

The main advantage of night forex, for the player, first of all, is a potential opportunity to predict the market, that is, to anticipate the most likely scenario. In reality, all trades and market transactions are concluded by traders in a calm state of the market. Such a lull is due to the fact that many world markets and exchanges simply do not work at night.

As for transactions, they are made in a narrow price range, and the price itself ranges from 20 to 40 points. Night exchange trading is a transaction for the purchase or sale of the instrument in the period from 21.00 to 8.00 am.

Traders sell and buy currencies, but at the same time, trading is conducted at night, and there is no need to transfer the operation, you can choose from a variety of strategies suitable for yourself.

The main features of night trading on Forex:

1) Free time! This mode is perfectly appealing to those who combine trading with the main occupation (work), playing at night. You can also schedule your own schedule: work on forex takes place at night.

2) Despite the fact that this is a night, the efficiency of the trading process is increasing. And noticeable. The reason is that the player does not have external distractions, no irritants or interference.

3) The trader has the opportunity to select a popular market pair, while reducing the risks from external factors. A pair of Euro Dollar or Euro and British pound, Dollar and Swiss franc are perfect.

4) The risk of technical failures is practically reduced to zero, at night such problems arise extremely rarely.

But of course, there are disadvantages.

The main thing is that the human body is used to rest, or rather sleep at night.

Also, not all brokers and DCs offer the opportunity to trade at night, offering support to customers and market participants.

Trading on night Forex is held mainly at two sessions - Asian and American trading sessions. Knowing this, you can profitably choose tactics, determine the instrument (currency pair) and profitably trade.

When choosing a currency pair (or any other tool for trading), be guided, first of all, by the acceptable level of risk and income. It all depends on how much you are willing to take risks and at the same time, how ready you are to profit. High profit.

The trading strategy can be practically anything: you can use extreme trading tactics, or trade for breakdown, use channels, support lines. The main thing to consider is the factor of commissions: it is important to ensure that the transaction has not been postponed. That is, it is open until 24 hours, and closed for the next day. Then you will not only pay the spread, but also a swap.

Night Forex is an interesting field for activity. Trade at night is similar to daytime, only this is a slightly different time period.

Take advantage of night trading! Good luck!