Forex Scalping Strategy, best ways to be successful at foreign exchange trading

Scalping is a popular trading strategy among many participants of the foreign exchange market.

Tactics is a process of too rapid closure of a position. The order should be closed, as soon as it received a positive result - a small profit in the form of 10 points.
By themselves scalp tactics of the market are quite profitable: with the right approach, they provide the trader with the opportunity to work out dozens of transactions, while the position is never held open for more than a few minutes.
This currency market strategy is very prominent among others.
The main difference is that from extremely small market fluctuations, trading with the help of scalping, exchange players receive an income based on concluding a lot of market transactions in a short period of time. A trader can make a hundred transactions in just one day.
Such high popularity among exchange traders is easily explained by relatively low trading risks.
Yes, scalping is considered a fairly safe method of trading. This, as mentioned above, depends on the short-term nature of the transaction: the trader does not hold the position open for a short time (from a few seconds to several minutes), and therefore, the market has less impact on the transaction-the risk of incurring losses, as a rule, is minimal.
But despite the high relevance, scalping strategies are not suitable for all participants of the Forex exchange.
Trader, choosing scalping, should realize that this method (like any other trading strategy) can not be universal and absolutely suitable for everyone.
Therefore, preferring scalping, do not forget about such nuances:
1) Scalping supporters are not ready to take too much risk and it is safer for them and it is preferable to choose frequent transactions of a safe nature, but not so profitable;
2) with a separate low profit for each operation, the scalpers earn well on the amount: a high percentage of income is obtained on the basis of a variety of operations;
3) market participants who prefer scalping, have tremendous patience, endurance and a high level of care.
This is important, because traders, by methods, closely monitor and control every transaction from tens or hundreds, committed per day.
Also, when choosing a scalping strategy, it is worth considering such aspects as
- trading conditions of the broker for work on scalping;
- be careful when choosing a trading instrument: not all valtuiny pairs work equally well on scalping;
- it is very important to choose the right time for the implementation of technology.
- the extreme nature of the strategy.
Among the main areas of scalping tactics are the following:
1) the use of price channels or work with support and resistance lines.
This is a relatively simple option for implementing a scalping strategy.
To successfully use it, it is better to build a line (channel) in manual mode or using channel indicators.
Optimum, use the indicators (channel): this is due to the short timeframes necessary for work. The indicator functions automatically, making all the changes on its own.
The time interval can be selected almost any, and an additional tool for receiving signals will act as a stochastic indicator.
2) use multiple screens at the same time. This is done in order to find entry points to the market.
For this, the trader needs to open at once two or three timeframes for one pair. This is done by special settings in the terminal window.
3) using Stochastic
To do this, accurately determine the time of trading: such that the indicator does not provide false signals.
Analyze his testimony: the absence of overselling zones (overbought) indicates the beginning of the work.
Successful scalping!