Choosing a strategy for binary options by AzaForex, important foreign exchange secrets you need to read

Recently, binary options trading is becoming increasingly popular. And its popularity eclipsed even the famous Forex market. The fact is that working with binary options is much simpler and easier than the stock market. Also, there are many strategies that allow you to trade with profit, on average 70 to 90%.
Today more and more brokers, both domestic and foreign, offer their customers a service of trade of binary options. They work quickly and easily. Understanding binary options logic can be very fast, it does not need economic education and great knowledge. It is enough to read a couple of articles in Internet on the subject, then it is possible to understand how to trade binary options and start doing it.
Therefore, we will not explain what binary options are. Today, the topic is so popular that you can read about it in a variety of publications. There is even an article in Wikipedia, devoted to this topic. I'd rather tell you in this article how to trade binary options profitable.  It will be like playing at the casino, only bets are not on the "black or red", and the growth of value of the option or the fall.
 How to deal
If you are a beginner, it is advisable not to try to buy or sell binary options on your own. This is not a casino. There are special binary options strategies to help earn quite a substantial profit. They are different:
• paid;
• free;
• developed independently;
• offered by binary brokers.
All binary options strategies available today is impossible to mention. The fact is that there are new constantly being developed. At the same time some of the old no longer are used. And there are also those that are popular for a long time and make a profit for a long time, they continue to use and earn money with them.
For example, it is well-known Martingale strategy. It is simple and has been devised specifically for the casino players. Done the minimum rate, for example, the growth of "binary". If the price has fallen, the next bet is doubled. And so it continues as long as the option starts to rise sooner or later it occurs in any case.
 Experienced traders often use this strategy. The fact that it was rarely recorded, so that the price fell or grew more than 5-times. That is enough to have 320 dollars in the account to start trading with 10 bucks and be if not 100, it is 98% sure of success. Incidentally, the figure is not a guess, but was calculated by mathematicians.
Let’s try them all.
As already mentioned above, just describing all the binary options strategy will not work. We can only recommend to try them on your own experience. Because of a variety of strategies, the percentage of successful transactions in each is different. From 50% to 98%, as in Martingale strategy. Its only drawback is that you will not earn a lot (as set for the first time - so much and brought back in the end), but will have to spend a lot of time.
Try the strategy that offers your binary broker. It is unlikely that he will advise something that will scare the client. Moreover, some companies now offer a free strategy. Especially for beginners. This will allow to start at least to understand the principles of trade and after on try other, more profitable strategy for binary options. It is recommended to try even experienced and paid strategy, they also are offered by nearly every binary broker, also by single traders. Such strategies have higher reliability.
 Having tried a variety of binary options strategy, sooner or later, you will find "yours". Which will bring exactly the income for which you hoped for. You should also take into account that, frequently, certain strategies stop working after a while. It is strongly recommended not to give preference to one and only work with it. Constantly experimenting, try new strategies. Especially because they appear quite often.
Some experienced traders eventually come to the fact that they need to develop their own strategy. But you will have to try to work with dozens or even hundreds of others. Only in this case you will develop your own strategy. By the way, in the future you could sell it to other traders and earn extra money. But for this, you no longer have to ask the question: how to trade binary options. And it is really experienced and well-known trader.